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adex base

Noboribetsu Fox Logo T-shirt

Noboribetsu Fox Logo T-shirt

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adex base A basic cotton T-shirt from BRING with a cute original Noboribetsu fox logo design.

Product features

BRING basic t-shirts are made from BRING Material™ recycled polyester. It is characterized by its high water absorption and quick-drying properties, and its soft touch like cotton. Whether you're exercising in the mountains or at the gym, or for everyday use in the city. A T-shirt that aims to be a timeless classic with a simple design.

It dries quickly in everyday life and outdoors. Even if you wash it late at night, it will be dry by morning. Easy to use even on busy days. This is a T-shirt that will make you happy every day.

100% polyester (BRING Material 100% *50% for Heather Gray only)

BRING Material™ is a trademark displayed when raw materials, threads, fabrics, and final products made in BRING's supply chain are used as materials. This is a sustainable polyester made from recycled materials such as leftover fabric and yarn left over from the production of apparel products, and used clothing donated by everyone.
Have you ever seen a clothing collection box with a bee symbol? In collaboration with our partners, we collect clothing that is no longer needed by households. By reusing or donating clothes that can still be worn, and scientifically recycling clothes that can't be worn, it is possible to regenerate polyester with a quality comparable to petroleum-based polyester. By doing so, we can minimize fossil fuel usage.

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