Collection: Kenyuu

We keep an eye on changes in lifestyle, listen to what the elderly have to say, and develop, commercialize, and deliver household goods that will make daily life more comfortable and satisfying. With the theme of being kind to people and the environment, we are developing products that are safe, easy, and convenient. The developed products utilize a special water-absorbing resin that instantly turns water into gel, and can be divided into simple toilets and cold/thermal bags. We have commercialized portable toilets ranging from portable toilets that fit in your pocket to full-fledged chair-type toilets with armrests.Insulated thermal bags provide a soft cooling sensation that will not freeze even when cooled in a household freezer. We have commercialized a type and a warming type that can be heated in the microwave. These products are manufactured on our own lines and sold under our own brand to domestic consumers and some overseas customers through our own sales network.