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Kenyuu Convenient Pot Portable Toilet

Kenyuu Convenient Pot Portable Toilet

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●For emergencies, mountain climbing, and leisure Portable toilet for defecating 1-use set
●It is a toilet for defecating that can be used immediately anywhere by simply unfolding the toilet bowl and placing it.
●After defecating, simply sprinkle the stool coagulant (contains disinfectant and deodorizer) to quickly solidify stool and urine.
●A sealed bag with a zipper is included, so you can safely take the bag home after use.
●Water-soluble tissue paper is included, making it easy to use even when you have a sudden urge to defecate.
●In times of disasters, emergencies, mountain climbing, and other times when there is no toilet nearby, you can feel safe just by having it with you.


■Ingredients/Materials: Cardboard, polyethylene, polymeric water-absorbing resin, disinfectant, deodorant


■Package: W145 x H280 x D40mm Weight 80g
■Set contents: Toilet frame, stool storage bag, stool coagulant, sealed bag, carrying bag, water-soluble tissue (1 each)

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