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Ovject Enamel Hook Mug 240ml

Ovject Enamel Hook Mug 240ml

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Ovject enamel hook mug with detachable handle. Although it has a ceramic-like texture, it does not break, so it can be easily used outdoors, and the handle can be removed to stack multiple cups for compact carrying. It also comes with a lid to prevent the drink from overflowing in the unlikely event that the cup is knocked over. Also, in situations where people gather, the combination of the cup and handle makes it easy to distinguish between mugs in your own color and is functional. You can chill the mug body in the refrigerator to enjoy the coldness of cold drinks and desserts for a long time, and it is also possible to use it in the oven or over an open flame.

※IH and microwave ovens are not supported.


Size : φ94×H75×W130 [240ml]

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