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Ovject Drip Kettle 1.8L

Ovject Drip Kettle 1.8L

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Ovject's drip kettle features a plump form and a wooden lid with a sense of unity. The spout made by mature craftsmen can control the amount of hot water freely. It is perfect for pouring thinly according to the pouring angle, pouring thickly, and making delicious coffee. It is compatible with IH and gas stove, and it is a drip kettle that can be used for coffee drip to make delicious coffee, as a kettle to boil water, or as a teapot.

It can be used as a kettle compatible with IH and gas stoves, or as a pot for coffee drip.

The spout made by a mature craftsman makes it easy to control the amount of hot water and is perfect for brewing coffee.

A calm and soft color


Size : W260×H170×D140

Weight : 810g

Capacity : full capacity 1.8L / appropriate capacity 1.3L

Countly of origin : Japan

Others : gas stove/〇, IH/〇, dishwasher/× 


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