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Hoernecke Bear Repellent Pepper Fog Top Hit 40ml

Hoernecke Bear Repellent Pepper Fog Top Hit 40ml

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Bear repellent spray/pepper fog standard OC133 A small, pocket-sized bear repellent spray
that is convenient to carry. A liquid type (jet type) spray with a capacity of 40ml. When you press the lever, the gaseous chili pepper extract will be shot out 2m to 3m from inside. (Depends on wind direction) The liquid type (jet type) is less affected by the wind than the fog type (spray type). It's compact so you can easily carry it with you for mountain climbing, fishing, etc. The extract extracted from spicy red pepper is sprayed at a distance of 2 to 3 meters. The ingredients of this product are harmless and do not leave any after-effects. Also, no special permission is required for possession. This is a product of Karl Honeck, which is registered with the German Federal Criminal Investigation Department and is highly safe.


Ingredients: Oleoresin capsicum (natural pepper extract)


Size: 25φ×144mm

Weight: 45g

Capacity: 40ml

Injection distance 2-3m *Case etc. are not included.

Manufacturer: Karl Honeck

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