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Air-J Solar Mobile Battery Charger 20000ⅿAh

Air-J Solar Mobile Battery Charger 20000ⅿAh

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 iPhone SE (2nd gen.) full charge Approx. 7 times 

● Tough model TOUGH & STRONG

● High brightness LED lighting panel

● LED flashlight (with SOS)

● Adopts waterproof standard IPX4

● Equipped with loop hook

Convenient for charging with your family! !! Equipped with a USB-A 2 port that enables simultaneous charging of two devices. Equipped with emergency solar panels! You can store electricity in the portable powerbank just by exposing it to sunlight! Equipped with LED lights that are convenient for outdoor activities and power outages. Adopts waterproof standard IPX4, which is safe even in the rain! !!

* Solar charging (storage) is an auxiliary function. This product is not intended to fully charge (store) a portable powerbank using the solar panel of this product.

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