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Iwatani Primus

Primus Femto Stove

Primus Femto Stove

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It is the lightest single burner in a Primus gas stove. A wire-type knob is adopted to improve the operability when adjusting the firepower. Both the three Gotoku and the wire knobs are foldable, so the storage size is very compact. It is suitable not only as a minimalist main burner, but also as a sub-burner for boiling water.


Gas consumption: 170 g/h.
Storage dimensions: 5.4 x 7.4 x 2.7 cm
Tip diameter: max. 120 mm, min. 80 mm
Weight: 64g
Maximum output (kcal/h): 2.5 kW/2.100 kcal/h (when using T-gas)
Ignition system: piezoelectric device

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