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Ainu craft

Ainu "Emushiatsu Weave" Strap Polyester

Ainu "Emushiatsu Weave" Strap Polyester

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Emusiatsu is the Ainu word for "a sash that holds a sword over the shoulder.

It was used by Ainu men to wear swords as ceremonial dress.

It is made of linden bark for the warp and cotton thread for the weft, woven with traditional patterns, and the square part that holds the sword is made of embroidered cotton.

These bracelets and straps are handcrafted by a local Noboribetsu Ainu company using the same techniques and designs that are used for the Emushiatsu sashes. Their company ‘Noboribetsu Ahsiri No Kai’ became famous when the prime minister of Japan wore one of their handmade masks during the coronavirus pandemic.

Every bracelet that is made has unique colours. Therefore, please specify what colour you would like or let us choose a surprise colour for you!

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